Ghost Advance SLS

Ghost Advance SLS

Ghost Advance SLS



Product Description

Ghost Advance SLS Use advance AR technology in your device to detect human body figures . The Ghost Advance SLS AR Camera can track human shapes in the real time . The App use advance Algorithm to display virtual shape . It has custom filters allow you to determine if the shape or figure captured could be due to the lighting environments so you will be able to spot false positives .


Ghost Advance SLS has camera so you can snap photos and save it on your device .


The App has also Al chat bot using smart algorithms so try talking and see the response !


-Requirements :

App is using technology to capturing body shape. It will be require to use on iPhone XS/Max/XR device or newer .And for iPad it will require iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Mini (5th generation), 8th generation iPad or newer .


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