Pixel Zombies Planet game

Pixel Zombies Planet game

** The Game is Selected as one of Top Action Games To Play by gameskeys.net **

Pixel Zombies Planet is First Person Shooter 3d zombie action game where your entire survival story takes place amidst a zombie apocalypse be the first sniper and virus hunter, killing and saving mankind that is infested with living dead.


The Pixel ZombiesPlanet were well designed and thought out to the smallest detail, the scenarios were thought to provide a better hunt for the pandemic of enemies, sure to Zombie Craft is the best zombie game with Craft Elements, First Person (FPS), Apocalypse and Action of the category.


Pixel Zombies Planet is one of the best zombie games in the category. If you are prepared to survivor and beat hordes and more hordes of undead zombies then this action-adventure game is for you. Get headshots, do missions in this wonderful first-person 3d game (FPS 3d) open world.

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