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Does Apple Search Ads Advanced work for iOS paid apps ?

I will share my experience with Apple search ads advanced for ios paid apps in this post .


During my search on the Internet through the Google search engine, or even through YouTube videos on topics related to Apple ads for applications, I found several topics, and it is known that Apple ads for applications have two types and now they are three types: Apple Search ads Basic , Apple search ads Advanced And Apple Search Tab ads.


Most of the explanations and topics talk about Apple Advanced ads, and even the success stories of Apple ads that Apple places on the Apple Ads website focus mostly on Apple Advance ads. But most of the apps that use these ads are free, and the experiences and topics are very scarce compared to the performance of Apple’s ads for paid apps.


And since I’m an  iOS apps developer who owns several paid apps on the Apple App Store, I decided to share my experiences with you.


In the beginning, without a doubt, Apple Advanced ads work perfectly with free applications, so you can get a very good percentage of downloads for clicks, which may reach fifty percent.
But the problem is in paid applications, there are compressions, but the downloads are very few or no, for example, out of every ten compressions there may be one download, and sometimes less than that out of every thirty clicks there is only one download.


I tried this with different paid applications and the performance is similar, as well as for free applications the performance is similar, the matter is clear and related to the behavior of users who prefer free applications. But as an iOS Apps developer, I am ultimately looking for profit and returns from my applications, whether they are paid or free.


Here we will find my results for the period from January 1 , 2022 until July 31 , 2022  For my App :


Tapme – friends Decisions


Total spent is $ 574.90, and we note that the cost per install or CPA  is $ 2.89 . While the price of the application is $ 4.99 , Apple deducts 15 percent of it which is will be $ 0.748 .So the cost per install from Apple search ads + Apple detection is : $ 3.638 . So that is still good because my profit is $ 1.352 for each download .





But the performance is different in the last in this case the cost of advertising is more than the application itself, which means a loss for me. Although the cost of download has increased in recent 4 weeks , CPA now is $ 4.65  , so that’s almost equal my app cost , and if we add the apple 15 % deduct fees , that’s been lost for me .




Apple Search ads Advanced VS Apple Search Ads Basic for iOS Paid Apps


Apple Search ads basic could be better in the cost per install for the paid apps , because you will pay only if the user install your app . But the big downside for the Apple Search ads basic is you can’t choose keywords , and Apple only will control by it’s algorithm which keywords will show for your app.


While in the search ads advanced you have the full control on the keywords which is important , so you can choose exact keywords relative to your app , but the problem here is with the conversation rate , and the cost per install , most of users will just tap or click on your app product page , but few users will actually buy the app if it’s paid .


So this is the big challenge I faced when I promote my paid apps , while the performance is a lot better when I promote free apps , but also if there is in app purchase or subscription option on free apps , I found the conversation rate is also low .


So in my opinion I wish in the soon future if  Apple will add option to promote paid apps with basic ads but with ability to choose keywords .


My name is Hussain Barakat . Since 2012 till now , I am working from Home and make money online by developing and publishing mobiles apps . Also I love writing and sharing my experince with others.

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